As mentioned in previous blogs…we can now report that we have made those important new improvements at SJR Vineyard in support of our commitment to produce a distinctive, world-class, Syrah. The over-riding farming theme is “control” and administering to time-sensitive farming requirements in pursuit of balance and complexity.


Firstly, a Syrah diversion…we are also focused this year on the Viognier block preparing to take all of this fruit back for Delmas in 2018; adding cross-arms to all in-line posts in order to more rigorously control canopy structure. We have reduced yield and will tie shoots to the wire in an effort to enhance air flow and sunlight. 1

OK…back to Delmas Syrah. In what is an annual commitment to support consistency, balance and plant energy flow, we touch each and every plant over the winter…prior to bud burst and the growing season to come. We remove damaged and/or dead wood…often times replacing trunks and cordon wood with better-positioned and healthier burial cane.



We have added irrigation risers throughout SJR in an effort to control the cultivation timing of the green manure row crop (triticale) in the spring (building soil structure) and the hilling-up over  the burial canes in the fall (protecting them for the winter). In both instances delivering needed soil moisture at the appropriate times. (Otherwise, this desert climate does not allow for this timely capability.)3

This winter was rather gentle…with no damage from excessive cold. We are ready for the growing season ahead! We are excited to take back another acre of Syrah in 2016…essentially doubling our production and the ability to invite more of our growing Delmas Waiting List to the allocation LIST in 2018!!IMG_2388