As of this AM we harvested the Viognier block for Rotie Cellars, as well as the balance of Gramercy Cellars Syrah rows. It’s still AUGUST….incredible! This is two days earlier than last year for the Viognier. 2016-grammery-pick-008

This is Gramercy’s seventh (and last) year contracting fruit from SJR Vineyard. What a privilege it has been to supply fruit, and to share our collective experience, with such an acclaimed producer. Interestingly, Gramercy has always been the first to pick Syrah at SJR. That tradition was maintained this year…picking last Friday and today; 5 and 8 days earlier than last year for the Syrah…from Blocks 3 and 1, respecti2016-grammery-pick-026vely. Global warming is for real.

This year we particularly focused on building canopy structure within the Viognier and Grenache blocks, via added trellis cross-arms and a nutrition program; in an effort to more consistently address light, air movement and cluster positioning plant-to-plant. Cluster weights were up this year in all three varieties. But, the real bonus (to our delight) was no real weather drama this year. And, right on cue…the weather recently moderated allowing for critical Syrah flavor development at SJR.

Delmas will likely pick its 12 2016-grammery-pick-021Syrah rows (twice our previous volume) next week along with the last remaining row of Viognier (for our co-ferment purposes). We have factored the co-ferment at 8%. Textural pliancy, once again, awaits the 2016 Delmas Syrah. (What is really cool>> twice as many customers will receive offers to join our allocation LIST with the 2018 release. We are so excited to be able to open up the LIST again…and, on such a strong vintage year as 2016!)