As this year comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect on how far Delmas and SJR Vineyard has come…while looking forward to the journey ahead! It’s what we love about this business…there is always something to learn… an infinite opportunity to apply the lessons of hands-on dedicated effort.

To that level of understanding and commitment, the 2015 Delmas was bottled on 12/12/16. And, just when we were feeling good about our sixth bottling,15bottling and with the 2016 Syrah resting comfortably in barrel, we received temperatures in the single digits at SJR the following week. The good news> for sure there was ample time for the canes to harden-off before this event. Regardless, we won’t find out if we received any bud damage on the cordon until this spring. However, we are prepared for such events; which arrive with some regularity over these last several years. We bury our canes immediately post-harvest, and our wind machines are used twinter-rockso stir up the air when required. We will leave more buds on the spurs initially during pruning this spring to assess any bud damage before making our final pruning pass. (A very similar event took place in late 2015, which did affect yield…but not quality…given our farming efforts.)

As we enter this next year we have so much to look forward to: heading the list is more SJR fruit coming back to Delmas. Additionally, we are making a small amount of Syrah available to our pals at Force Majeure for the next couple of years. Finally, Rasa Vineyards will release a completely distinctive version of an SJR-designate Syrah this coming spring (2013 vintage).

The cherry on top >> The Washington Wine Blog (2016 Top 100) has positioned the 2014 Delmas Syrah as the 8th best wine on the west coast.

Delmas honors a particular place…with a winter-rowparticular taste; more contemplative, more complex and more beautiful. For this distinctive expression of SJR Vineyard, we are humbled…and so very GRATEFUL for this opportunity to share Delmas with a growing allocation LIST (as of 2018).