IMG-0459No, I am not about to launch into a litany of my personal aches and pains due to pruning the MHT this spring with Brooke!  Truth is I was not very much support…Brooke is the MHT Champion….and, youth is not to be trifled with in the vineyard!

Finally, (insert drum roll), we can announce that vine age is definitely making its presence felt at SJR Vineyard.


We have noticed heightened complexity in Delmas Syrah over these last three vintages. The 2016 is our finest wine yet (to be released this October) and the 2017 (still in barrel) is simply going to be a remarkable wine.

This year SJR celebrates its 12th leaf. The winter was uneventful… with no bud damage whatsoever. In fact, the vines are quite fruitful this year!


The red blocks (Syrah/Grenache) are quite happy with their new (as of 2017) MHT training form: the goblet architecture will likely take another year to establish the desired/perennial spur positions.

YES, that’s right….perennial wood at SJR due to Brooke’s new training form; soon to be recognized as a farming feature within the Rocks District.

Come see us…we would love to share the new MHT training form with you…the only perennial wood vineyard this side of the Cascades!

Oh, and in case you did not know…our first Delmas harvest of Viognier will be this year!  Condrieu is our inspiration.